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Wipers parking at 12 instead of 3 o'clock 200 1988

They started parking a little high but giving it just a touch with the stalk would bring them down and they woud stay there. I had replaced the motor yrs ago with a junkyard one that i took apart and cleaned . When the cycle started it would go down about an inch before coming up for the full swipe and that went on for yrs.
But now the parking started going higher and higher until trying to set them would just cause a full cycle again . Now they park at 12 o'clock and come down when the cycle is started and return to 12 to park.
I cleaned the grounds, the backside of the motor cover, the connector and spades, also the ground strap that goes to the strut tower with no change.

I cleaned the 3 contacts for park and run in the motor cam assembly . No change.
I thought maybe the gear in the motor spun or cracked so I replaced the wiper motor assembly with a spare and still no change.
The wipers have been running very smoothly no binding or any noise that i noticed. I dont think the cabling jumped but it almost like its out of phase but its just a simpe rotation of the motor for a complete cycle.
The intermittent cycle goes through just one pass all the time and the other settings low and high work fine as well.
I feel like I am missing something real simple here?


New Wipers parking at 12 instead of 3 o'clock [200][1988]
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