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Idle is erratic while stopped. 200 1983

Howdy folks,
1983 240, 2.0 engine, 280000503 ECU.

Car was parked for the winter. I started her up last week and
she began to have an erratic idle. She drive well otherwise.
It is when I am at a stop, in gear or in park. She sits fine
for a few seconds then she begins to change her idle both and
increase and decrease. While I drive slow I can feel the idle
increase and decrease slightly.
Very seldom do I get a stop sign or light that is trouble free.
If I do not give her fuel she will eventually stall out.

I have check for any air leaks and fixed two small ones. Fuse 13
is good.

I have removed and cleaned the Air Idle Control, it seems to be
humming fine.

When I remove the hose that leads to the AIC I can
feel the suction in the hose both when I have the engine revving and
upon idle.

All the injectors can be heard clicking.

Both fuel pumps can be heard humming.
Fuel is fresh.
Could a plugged injector be my problem.?

Plugs, wires, dist. cap and rotor are new.

I'm in the thought that the ECU is going out?

Any advice is appreciated,

Joseph in New Mexico


New Idle is erratic while stopped. [200][1983]
posted by  NewMexico240  on Thu May 16 15:32 CST 2019 >

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