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Air in Brake Lines - use a Motive Pressure Power Bleeder 900 1993

Your repair service did not perform the repair. May be able to replace them brake line, flexible or nickel copper hard lines, yet did not take the time to flush the system.

With a motive pressure power bleeder, you need not bench bleed. Maybe a full quart or a quart and a pint of DOT 4 and pump up to 15-20 PSI.

No need to master cylinder bench bleed, at least for me, with a Motive or like pressure bleeder.

Do not use the brake pedal or use those brake fluid sucking methods at the bleeder nipples. Do not depend on a gravity fluid drip replacement. The interface between the caliper threaded bore and the bleeder nipple leaks fluid and air easily.

So, here goes again, on my 1992 240 with ABS and your 1993 940 with ABS, some notes and images on the best way to flush brake fluid.

Oh, and maybe get one hour labor refund?

I'll removed and replace my own wheels and tires and service my own brakes. I went through the same thing at a local generic repair facility that also performs MO-state safety inspection!

Images or sort of washed out so I added lines to give image items dimension.


Hope that helps. Maybe you can rent a pressure bleeder like the one in the images. Keep all clean, clean the nippled with brake parts cleaner when finished, and restore the bleeder nipple caps when you need to flush the fluid in two years or so. DOT 4 fluid!

Brakes ABS:


Brake Fluid Reference:

Hope that halps you!


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New Air in Brake Lines [900][1993]
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