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Defective fan belt? 900 1994

Dear U.S. Diver,

Hope you're well. The mountings for the water and power-steering pumps do not rely on rubber bushings, as do the alternator and air-conditioning compressor.

The water pump is bolted to the engine block. The power steering pump is direct-bolted to a mount, that is bolted to the engine block. The drive belt can be mis-aligned, if the power-steering pump mounting bracket (#1346267 - no longer available from Volvo) is loose or worn.

A steel ruler can show power steering pump misalignment. Put the ruler across the face of the crank pulley. See if the ruler's edge is precisely parallel with the power steering pump's pulley face.

You may be able to use duct tape (or a magnet) to hold the ruler to the crank pulley's face. Then, measure the distance between the ruler and the inboard edge of the power steering pump pulley (the edge closest to the engine) and the outboard edge of the power steeing pump pulley (the edge closest to the wheel well). The two measurements should be equal. If so, the power steering pump is properly aligned.

If the two measurements are the same, the crank pulley may have failed. Use white paint to draw a line from the crank pulley bolt's head, out to the crank pulley's outer-most edge. The painted line should span the rubber insert, that ties together the crank pulley's core (secured by the bolt) and the outer section, which has the grooves into which fit the accessory drive belts.

Turn on the engine and let it run for a few minutes. If the painted line separates into two sections - say one at three o'clock and one at 11 o' clock, the crank pulley needs to be replaced: the rubber insert has failed. This cannot be repaired.

It is perhaps possible that the water pump pulley - held to the water pump's flange by four, 10mm bolts - was badly mounted, so that the water pump pulley's face is not parallel with the water pump's flange. That can be fixed by removing the four bolts, re-seating the pulley against the flange, and tightening the four bolts in two or three steps, rather than tightening one all the way, tightening the next all the way, etc. Step-tightening reduces the risk of misaligning the pulley vis-a-vis the flange.

Hope this helps.

Yours faithfully,



New Defective fan belt? [900][1994]
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