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I scanned Mr. Stern's writing, and while I don't have any issues with the general information he presents, he makes the argument FOR headlight control relays for precisely the reasons I have discounted on my page (wire gauge and length/distance of run). As an example, he also talks about Crown Victorias (a Ford Road-barge, where there probably are 20 feet of wire between the lightswitch and actual headlights, and who knows what gauge they cost-reduced the wire-gauge down to...)...maybe headlight control relays ARE a good upgrade for those cars...but not for a Volvo 122, where the wire gauge is 1.5mm2 (~14ga.) to the hi/lo-beam switch ,and I bet I would be hard-pressed to come up with half that wire length between switch and headlights!

...and I do take issue with the following specific line from his writing: "But we still want to be able to control the headlamps remotely (from the driving seat), so how do we do that? Install relays!"...making it sound like that is the only valid solution...it is not! The other solution is to install an adequate wire gauge in the first place!! Distance between the power producer is not the issue!...minimizing losses between power producer and end-user are! Power plants generate power miles away from the users...so how do they assure low losses?...they use among other things: ADEQUATE WIRING, for the current flowing!

...and at 1.5mm2, your 122 Volvo had that from the factory fifty years ago! So when not increasing the load current, like for instance installing those Halogen replacement elements, I maintain it is not necessary to increase power handling capability of the harness...because as I have stated: Wire does not go bad, connections, crimps, connectors and components do. Dim and yellow headlight are a result of voltage drops, not across the wire, but across poor connections, and NOT the need for Relays!


Edit: I just remembered...I once helped a (non-Volvo) but Crown Vic owner repair his non-functioning headlights...according to him, apparently a not uncommon problem with these cars...and the cause was a failed headlight relay (with a surprisingly minuscule contact [must have also been cost-reduced!] when I took it apart for a post Morten)... "how can that be...it has headlight relays?"...hmmm


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