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sourced vintage volvo European parts

i hope to add value to rwd owners in their search for parts at a good value.

i found two which some may recognize. i sourced some parts which i tried to avoid the usual: that are expensive to ship (skandex, germany), hard to find, or expensive to purchase.

i have the euro headlight & wiper setup on all 3 of my volvos, for example. one jet broke (brittle) on my 240 headlight wiper arm and after a thorough search, i came across these websites.


vp-autoparts is located in north carolina, and appears to be a small operation, but if you can wait for parts to ship from europe, they can get the parts for you and at a much-reduced shipping cost. from both, i bought the headlight glass, the reflectors, and a bunch of the headlight wiper parts.

the other site is based in the netherlands. both companies are personal, attentive, and responsive. for me, they're doing a great service in selling these parts.

i have no connection with them in any way. i'm passing the information along to help others to source parts at a reasonable, fair price and at times, harder-to-find parts.

byron golden
86 245
92 245
94 940

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