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"I simply love the way the original moulding looks."

That's reason enough for me.

I've got some experience being an "overly confident young man" so can wince at your experience, but regret the auto glass giant couldn't come up with some business acumen in customer service to make up for the installer's behavior.

There's just no commitment by insurance to "make one whole" again in a settlement, which in your case would be done by another glass company. I think you'll risk your continued dissatisfaction if you give the same guys another piece of trim to bungle. Michael Yount is right, the windshield glass must be completely removed to install the correct clips, and with urethane these days that means new glass and a lot of labor.

I checked with UPS and FedEx ground services on line. A box 64 x 26 x 4 inches has the equivalent shipping weight of 40 pounds, even though it might only weigh 4 pounds, and to Zone 7 (based on the zip in your Brickboard profile, Todd) and my retail shipping rate, sending it in a box I'd make would cost $77.26 or $94.67 respectively.

Since you've no emergency, I suggest you keep looking for the trim more local to you. Mine won't be going anywhere meanwhile, and neither will I.


Art Benstein near Baltimore

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