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I simply love the way the original moulding looks. I had damaged my windshield from the inside (I pushed something a little too far forward and it cracked the glass). My insurance company agreed to pay for the damages as long as I used Safelite. I made the appointment for a Friday afternoon (only one available) and went outside to meet the young man who was overly confident and seemed to be more interested in his cell phone than me. I told him to be careful because these old parts are almost impossible to find. I went out about every hour to check on the progress. 3 1/2 hours later, I get a text saying the windshield was done and everything looked great. When I was walking out to my car after work, I noticed the moulding looked "wonky". I walked around the car and sure enough, the moulding was not even attached to the windshield in most places. The places it was attached, he had glued it to the windshield itself, not using the clips. He did such a great job, that the glue seeped all over the inside of the cabin and onto the top of my dash (don't know how they are going to remove that).
I was on the phone with Safelite immediately only to find out they work 8:00am-5:30 M-F. I argued back and forth for over a week with Safelite about what they would repair/replace at THEIR expense and they refused. After 10 days of trying, I finally sent pictures and they agreed to replace the moulding but not the windshield (they could not remove either one without breaking both pieces).
Almost two weeks after the damage, they finally agreed to replace both (if needed) and ordered a moulding from the dealer. I told them it was the wrong one and they did not believe me until it arrived. They then refused to try and find one like the one I had on it...
So, it is now my job to find the moulding, pay for it and have it shipped (at my expense) and they will gladly do the labor. :-( Safelite sucks....


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