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Seeking advice on AC Compressor 900 1994

Original issue here: https://www.brickboard.com/RWD/index.htm?id=1656374&show_all=1

I am planning replacing the compressor due to apparent failure, likely the clutch. My Volvo guy will evacuate the system and I will remove and replace the compressor. The main concern now is sourcing the replacement.

The compressor is obviously not the original or the same model that came with the car. PO probably put in a cheaper model, maybe 20 years ago. My other 940 has a Volvo compressor, possibly original. The failing unit is about 1.5 inches longer and has vertical tube connections whereas the Volvo unit has ports in a "V" shape. The AC tubing around the compressor has obviously been altered.

I'm hoping to identify the unit once it is out and find a replacement. Rock auto has a good selection and a couple look to be the same.

Any input on my strategy here would be welcome and once I get it out, maybe help finding a replacement

Thanks to all. I hope we can find a solution to Jarrod's problem
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New Seeking advice on AC Compressor [900][1994]
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