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Help I'm in Brooklyn and I can't get up. Need fuel pump 900 1993

Dear oleseahorse,

Hope you're well. Look through recent posts. A car that would not stay running was found to require a single, in-tank pump. The in-service pump was a Bosch system pre-pump, sold to a prior owner, who did not know that a pre-pump cannot possibly generate enough pressure on its own.

As your car is a 1993, it can have either Bosch engine/fuel management (two fuel pumps, with the main pump being externally mounted [on the underbody], approximately below the driver's seat) or Rex-Regina engine/fuel management, with a single, in-tank pump.

If your car has Rex-Regina fuel management, be sure any replacement in-tank pump is at least four inches long. Such a pump likely will cost at least $75 and more likely more.

If you're offered a pump that is 3" long, that is a Bosch system pre-pump. It will not deliver enough fuel to keep the engine running. A Bosch system pre-pump likely will cost about $40 or less.

In short, price and length of pump will tell you which pump you should have.

Hope this helps.

Yours faithfully,



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