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I drove over to Panera Bread Co to get my wife some cookies, when I went to leave the car wouldn't crank.
Long story short, the starter solenoid had gone south, no continuity through any of the connections.
I was in a bind time-wise and the only local business who could provide a starter (no one had a solenoid) was PEP Boys and that was advertised as a Wilson reman.
I looked up Wilson reviews and they came back good stating they were well known in the heavy equipment field and provided quality products.
So I ordered it and I get a call later saying the supplier can't get one till the next day. So much for my time crunch.
The part comes in and the box does not say Wilson but ProPArts. I install it but it cranks slowly and sometimes not at all (there is a definite click as the solenoid engages).
I check all the wires and voltages to find about 8.5V being supplied to the solenoid when cranking (meets specs I found). I bypass the ignition switch with a hot-wire switch to provide a full 12V to the solenoid but with no improvement.
No discernible Vdrop across battery/starter POS or NEG wires.
I cleaned the battery connections and all associated wire connections under the hood.
At this point the car will crank and start about 1/2 the time, the starter sounds sick and I am thinking the new starter is the problem (the solenoid) since there is no V at the wire feed from the solenoid into the starter when it does not crank.
Really not looking forward to pulling the starter again to troop it back to PEP Boys but...
Am I missing something?


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