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89 240 seems like timing belt is shot 200 1989

Hello fellow brickers!

It's been an interesting time of late with my volvo of late.

1) Had some serious alternator issues-
-Replaced the alternator
-car ran again for a bit, then died, then upon fcharging nnew battery longer and driving for a bit, the alternator started working right or something and it was fine. (suspect the battery had to reset itself on its own timeline or something cause it started working fine again with new alternator)

2) Everything was going well for about a week until just recently, the car started jerking and misfiring and lurching and losing/gaining power.....I recognize it as timing belt failure as it happened to me about 10 years ago on same car and it was the timing belt. I did not do it then, I didn't have enough experience or skill like I kinda do today!

It would make sense that its the timing belt as its been somewhere btwn 50-80K miles.

If someone suspects something else, let me know.

3) IF it is a timing belt issue, I'm considering the replacement kit from IPD (big fan), I am pretty sure I should replce the water pump.

MY QUESSTION: Is a kit the way to go? How original volvo are the kits? Should I do the seals? If I do the seals, what is a good tool/way to get them out of their positions?

I'll stop here and most likely have further questions.....

Engine: B230
Transmission: M47 5 speed


New 89 240 seems like timing belt is shot [200][1989]
posted by  stallison  on Thu Apr 18 21:27 CST 2019 >

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