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Parasitic drain through fuse 8 200 1992

OK, '92. I'm checking the box so I don't forget.

To troubleshoot by guesswork, assume you have the problems everyone else has run into.

The most common reason for parasitic battery drain through fuse 8 in a '92 is shorted wires in the driver's door. They can touch one minute, and clear the next. You might hear the clicking of the actuators or the relays, or you may not. One way to totally eliminate this common trouble from the list of possibles is to disconnect the wiring to the door switches, by removing the knee bolster and locating this plug with green, red, and black wires, then disconnecting the plug.

The next-in-line culprit is the dome light delay relay. You get there the same way, past the knee bolster, and under the dash. Just pull the relay out of the socket and do without the 15-second interior courtesy lamp's delay feature.

There are many other possibilities well down in likelihood such as an aftermarket radio installation, or even a glove box light that doesn't shut off.

To troubleshoot scientifically, you will need to measure the current drain as James has suggested below, then isolate each load from the back side of the fuse panel.

This is tricky for the person not intimate with their digital multimeter. Even twenty years after this car was made, we now have clamp-on current measuring tools for DC which would greatly speed up fault isolation. It boils down to this: If you knew how to do this, you wouldn't be posting the question here, you'd have done it. Pursuit of the skill may be rewarding, in terms of confirming and then finding the cause of the trouble without trial and error guesswork.

The '92 is filled with electrical things your '79's builders didn't even guess at, and eventually they will need maintenance. Keep a dialog running here if you're wanting to head down this path, using the wiring diagram and a meter. One of us will walk you through the meter work and what it reveals.

Disconnect this plug to disable the key and button switches for the central locking.

Dome light delay relay clipped to the brake pedal bracket.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

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