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Does a 94 have a Radio Suppression Relay? 900 1994

I did remove and replace the RSR with a new one, No Change. I picked up NOID lights I'll test the injector circuit and check for voltage at the tank connection this morning. Plus the pressure with the regulator line pinched and whatever else I can think of.

As I started checking things out before I posted anything I went for the injection relays once I found it was not in the spot as shown I took it apart and cleaned the contacts up and no change held them closed tapped on it, no change Yes it clicks

I have a new fuel injection relay coming soon currently it's a blue one so I ordered a green one. And I didn't have a spare.

I also swapped out the ignition control module under the coil thinking it may be suspect as once I removed it the base seal and some small holes in it, No change

Thanks for all the great suggestions, Keep them coming we'll get it running!
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New Runs on spray Wont stay running Please help! [900][1994]
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