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Runs on spray Wont stay running Please help! 900 1994

Haven't been on here in a while because the 240's just keep running but my Daughter starts driving in the fall so I picked up this one.
Just purchased its truly a grandmas car from new tons of paperwork totally unmolested. purchased from the son who drove it for a few years until it started having issues stalling not restarting. 204000 miles He replaced the fuel pump and filter still no start let it sit for a year then I purchased it last week. If you turn the key you can hear the pump prime, if you prime it a couple times when cold it will start and run fine for 30 seconds to a minute I can even get it to rev up and then it slowly dies out. I've replaced the ignition module(Regina) I have fuel to the rail, I have spark, The Crank sensor has the white stripe, Cap and rotor are newer, Plugs look good. No codes as it may have been cleared prior. I'm at the end of my experience. I've read through and tried a ton of suggestions from the posts Jumped out the fuel relay no change battery is fully charged Whats next? Thank you in advance Volvo Professors.


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