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B 20 thermostat recommendations 140-160

Good luck in finding one of the original grille covers. Back in the day, it used to be common to use a piece of cardboard in front of the rad. It would be customised with a few holes to balance the flow v obstruction according to how cold it was. With snow and rain, they could have a rather short life so anyone a bit handy would then upgrade it to a piece of weatherboard or even aluminium. Alternatively, some cooking foil can be moulded into the grille. Cheap, easy and customisable. I've seen covers made from perspex that were shaped to cut off about 90% of the flow and held on by a couple of screws with back clips. Those looked very neat. Imagination is all you need.
It was also normal back then to have winter/summer oil changes as well as winter/summer thermostats. In some climates that is still viable. Modern oil can cope with it but a quick change of thermostat is easy and you can reuse the alternate thermostat each year until it looks a bit suspect.


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