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speedometer inop 900 1993

I agree with Randy's advice as a start.

I don't agree with the advice to hang a long wire on the plug, shorting it repeatedly, to simulate a signal. Though I can picture a situation where this may have actually worked (high electrical noise environment under fluorescent lamps perhaps) the signal both the Yazaki and VDO clusters are looking for is generated voltage, not switch closure. If it does work for you, that's OK to focus suspicion on the sender, but if it doesn't cause indication on the speedometer, don't assume that vindicates the sender.

A better test is substituting a signal, or just confirming the resistance of the sender can be seen from the cluster looking back, but I suspect most issues will be obvious and look like this example from a 240:

Art Benstein near Baltimore

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New speedometer inop [900][1993]
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