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'94 940T breathing fire now!

So my former posts concerning the 940 being on life support are now things of the past.
The car runs like a scalded cat.

This is what I found

The dizzy was leaking oil ever so slightly but apparently enough to interfere with the spark.
The plug wires were leaky.
Addressed all the above and the car ran better but still had an occasional miss noticeable at idle.
Driving on the highway this AM and the engine quit, dead, kaput.
Determined no spark.
I pulled out an extra power stage I keep in the car and swapped it in.
No more misses at idle either.
I surmise the power stage was degenerating and was trying to tell me via the misses at idle.
Hindsight, oh well.
All now seems right with the world.

More to follow...

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