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Yes, that accident is sad for all, that is, but that red light runners insurance company!
Good luck is in for them, as they do have the odds in their favor, if you think about it.

There could have been another one of those expensive SUV's in the way of him to get repaired or totaled!
Now they can total both cars for the cost of a lowest priced newer plastic cars on the market today.

Either way it's about 12,000 dollars and they wash their hands of the whole affair but the older car gets short changed everytime.
Unless, it is insured as a vintage or classic and drive it only under a special occasions clause!
I would like to see the settlement figures in the case as both parties are paying for state liability requirements, that are to be equal, at whatever insurance rates are for the good drivers or more reckless drivers of anything moving with a license plate.

You are now out at least the cost of one of the cheapest worthless car to replace yours! Your car was and is a pretty much invincible, "Volvo" safer vehicle.
If the recyclers were not in such a hurry to crush up every car made the 240 Volvos could be considered invincible.
It's this that gripes in my head with the unfairness towards our beloved cars or any classic for that manner!
There is so much of that car that is still going to be running fine and was doing a great job for the owner or better than most new ones for the like investment.

I hope there wasn't any injuries on the passenger side of your car?
How did the other car fair for its owner?
Did it explode into a ABS or polyethylene like popcorn ball?

You know? On the newest cars, their headlights alone, could probably pay for replacement side doors, from a recycler, in the same color! White was very popular! I have three white 240's and my wagon is a 1986 too!



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