RWD - 92 240 wagon intermittent no start. Starts right up with a jump.

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92 240 wagon intermittent no start. Starts right up with a jump. 200 1992

Hi again,

I just finished working on your other post before I noticed the other thread had moved.

Now you have written-in a good mystery. The sound of moaning is a NEW one! (:-)

The gas gauge swinging is a symptom that is unusual too! That should not cause a running issue but it may be pointing to a power problem starting from the fuse panel in the drivers door hinge.
There could be loose fuses in the clips or a corrosion build up among key ones!

I brought up the idea that the car needs some maintenance and that area would be a great place to start.
A first place to start, when troubleshooting anything that uses electrical power, is to start with it its power supply.
This being from the battery on outwards. The fuse panel distributes to many places and that in-turn contol lots of functions. Guess what, this will cause intermittent gremlins everywhere!

The moaning, I don't know about, unless the car is mimicking you android your frustrations!
Work on that fuse panel, as a start and look over the other thread carefully to get back to us!



New 92 240 wagon intermittent no start. Starts right up with a jump. [200][1992]
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