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Volvo 740 paint update and other stuff that is on my mind 700 1988

Hello fellow Volvo drivers, here is the update on the project.

The project is coming along, but like with all these projects, a lot of the process is like pulling teeth, tedious and long, a lot of searching for parts.

The paint process coming along. My painter is extremely detail oriented and it is helping with making this project a beautiful result.

What makes this extra difficult is the size of the vehicle, painting such large surfaces such as roof takes a lot of time and precision.

Door fitment being tested.

Engine bay before and after.

Picture from today, after polishing.

The bumpers original shape was brutal, the car was beat up heavily and someone totalled their Corolla by rear ending the Volvo. The Volvo being the tank that it is, only had a scratched bumper.

Doors getting prepared.

Fenders getting prepared and getting anti-rust treatment.

Other than that, there is a ton of work in the details. The devil is in the details. I have major resistance with the interior, so many parts broken and need to be replaced and the beige interior plastics being weaker than the dark interior plastics, the dark interior plastics from a car in much better shape are being repainted in beige.

I also found an instrument panel repair guy, who will fix the cracks in the instrument panel.

The beige interiors are real rare compared to blue or black here in Europe. The seat fabric on this Volvo particularly is real real hard to find. I have been searching for interior fabric since 2018 summer. It is extremely hard to find the fabric. I called SMS Fabrics in United States and they sent numerous samples but nothing matches correctly to the original fabric. I think I got stuck with a special interior that no one really has since I have not been able to find another Volvo with same exact interior fabrics. VP-Autoparts.se in Sweden managed to locate the closest match, but it is the fabric used below the seat cushions, not on top, it's from the 'cheap' part of the seat, not usually visible, and not a perfect match. I am starting to give up and looking at doing marine grade pleather for the seats.

I am having trouble with the carpets as well, the rear carpets are worn and I am unable to find a good match for the carpet. Also the rear wheel arc covers are molded carpet that fits around it nicely, where I can't just go buy carpet and put it flat there, since it is in form of a shape.

Overall the interior is wearing me out, by being worn out... the interior is huge and there are so many plastic pieces and carpet pieces... still searching for all the parts. I still need to find the roof liner since we threw the one I had away since it was rotten, issue is that I have a kombi with sun roof, which is again, quite rare.

Then the engine.. that's the next challenge, hopefully re-building and re-finishing the engine will be easier than the interior. I am right now afraid the interior restoration might cost as much as painting the whole car.


New 2 Restoration project: zero-rust Volvo 740 w/ 370,000 km on odometer [700][1988]
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