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The first thing you might do is to drain the antifreeze down to a level below the heater core.

Option 1. Unhook the heater hoses from the heater core and connect them together with a piece of pipe the same size as the heater hose connections. 1/2 copper pipe often works. Secure the hose loop in the engine bay.

Option 2. Unhook the heater hoses in the engine bay and remove the hose that has a valve present. Then loop the remaining hose to that hose's connection on the engine. Secure the hose.

Both options by-pass the heater core - you can drive the car without heat.

After you remove the heater core, check it visually.

In my 544 the leak was a crack where one of the connectors attached to the core - I easily repaired it with solder.

Or you can take it to a radiator shop and ask them if the core can be saved.

If you try this, get an auto hose removal tool for about 10 bucks - search the web to see what one looks like - many auto stores have them


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