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Any warnings on CRC Mass Air Flow cleaner? 200 1988

Please, don't use isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) or any other such solvents/cleaners as they will leave excessive residue on the wires and vanes. Even then, unless you're using expensive 99% pure, high tech, lab grade isopropanol, there's a lot of water and impurities in it. CRC MAF/AMM cleaners are there for a reason and that's to spray off dust, oils and lightly stuck dirt while leaving very minimal residue. Your Bosch AMM is supposedly self-cleaning using a heating cycle on the wires. Plenty of us are still running around with 25 year old AMMs that have never needed cleaning. As long as that heating cycle is happening and you don't see significant residue on the wires (forget the vanes and screens) and the car is otherwise half-running well without throwing codes for the AMM then I'd leave well enough alone and seek running improvement elsewhere before cleaning the AMM on spec as a preventative or performance improvement measure.

I say all this because I had a flaky AMM in one car and tried to use a quality CRC cleaner. It did make a significant improvement, although in the end it still wasn't good enough so I ended up replacing the AMM (with a reputable rebuilt, much to the dismay of my local Volvo indy). Well, if it could improve that AMM then I thought why not just give the AMM in my other Volvo a clean while the spray can is fresh. Really bad idea! Despite numerous cleaning and heating cycles, it was never the same so I ended up having to replace it as well. Lesson learned, don't muck with an AMM unless you really need to.
Dave -still with 940's, prev 740/240/140/120 You'd think I'd have learned by now


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