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Pro's and Cons of Electronic Ignition for B-18 444-544

Since I got my 1st Volvo in 1979, I've been dealing with this issue.

I have installed just about every type of ignition system on an old Volvo.

Besides the multitude of different stock Volvo points distributors, I have used or installed a Mallory dual point, a Mallory dual point that was converted to a Chrysler magnetic pickup, a standard Mallory Unilite, a custom made Mallory Unilite, a Joe Hunt magneto, a custom made crank triggered computer controlled multi-coil system and a couple of versions of the 123Ignition. I have also installed the stock electronic distributor system from a 1975 Volvo 240.

I have also installed Perlux(now called Pertronix), Pertronix, Crane and several other electronic conversion kits for the stock distributors.

I have never been 100% in favor of ANY of the electronic conversion kits for the stock Bosch distributors, as I have seen all sorts of failures and problems. I have so much confidence in those conversions, that when I do a conversion at the insistence of a customer, I ALWAYS give my customers all the parts needed to convert back to keep in the car just in case.

So far my best experience has been with the Mallory dual point converted to the Chrysler magnetic pickup, the stock 1975 Volvo 240 electronic ignition and the 123Igniton distributors.
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New Pro's and Cons of Electronic Ignition for B-18 [444-544]
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