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1985 244 DL hard starting/cranking 200 1985

Hi Peter,

I agree with your whole first paragraph except for it does not drain the back to the tank.
The FPR is always sending excess gas from a running pump back to the tank.
That is how it maintains constant fuel rail pressure.
If that valve seat leaks bye, in a static mode, it too goes back to the tank via the return line.

Yes, the main pump has a check valve that only closes when the pump is off. It can be the sixth!
There are six or seven ways to lose rest pressure from the rail. Four injectors plus, if fitted, a cold start injector and then the FPR.
Despite the odds, the FPR seems to be the most common failure.

If it’s leaking bye it either loses rest pressure overnight or all the time on every start it will take a bit of time for it to refill the complete fuel line.
I also agree that the 10 cranking seconds is a terribly long time for the pump to fill it up full again with a check valve that’s working properly.
There is another caveat, if there is no in-tank pump working.
Add on, when the fuel tank is way less than half full and it will definitely make it worse.

In LH systems used a cold start injector up until about 1990 or so.
Removing it, helped pay for the EGR’s that became mandatory on some vehicles.
The LH 2.4 and 3.1 varies the cold start mixture with pluse width changes to the four injectors only.

It’s done by using information from the AMM, a coolant temperature sensor and then the O2 sensor until it warms up. The system goes into a “closed loop mode” when that happens.
Ahead of that, it was running on a preset cold start program in the ECU looking at the first two readings.

I hope this helps any and all reading our discussions.



New 1985 244 DL hard starting/cranking [200][1985]
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