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Alternator issue - flickering headlights and dash lights... 200

Hope all is well with everyone here.

So I just ordered a new alternator to replace a potentially failing alternator in my 89' that my sons drives everyday.

The one being replaced pulses the headlights and dash lights at idle and while running at higher RPMs, but it is less noticeable then.

The voltage regulator has been rebuilt and has plenty of meat there, so I don't think that is the issue.

From what I can see of the copper sleeve on the shaft, it looks to be hardly worn in as it was the original out of my 90.

The alternator is putting out 14.5, and the battery is accepting 14.5 as well.

The only thing that I did notice when taking it out of my 90' and swapping nuts off of the back is that the exciter stud is loose. I thought by tightening it down when I reinstalled it that this problem would go away, but alas it has not, so my suspicion is something in the wiring in the back of the alternator.

Any thought on this gremlin before I have to ship it back as my core?

Thanks in advance,



New Alternator issue - flickering headlights and dash lights... [200]
posted by  TheBrickTank  on Sat Mar 30 05:40 CST 2019 >

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