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where to source AW71L OD friction discs and steels 900


can anyone provide sources for good, new friction discs and steels?

the od unit is easy to get to. i'm going to try to start learning how to work on these trannies.

my 94 940 od unit appears to be burned up. i tried a number of things to get the od working; this includes od relay, od switch, od solenoid, change fluid, etc.

car has 234k miles. here in texas speed limit signs have 75mph on the open road, so we can open it up, but the od failed after trying to pass up cars on the road.

i bought another aw71l, but i'll feel better knowing the od was rebuilt, since i'm going to drop the tranny anyway.

byron golden
86 245
92 245
94 940


New 1 where to source AW71L OD friction discs and steels [900]
posted by  bcg  on Wed Mar 27 09:11 CST 2019 >

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