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Site Viability Followup

What would you say to membership only with zero Google ads or anything of the sort? I would eliminate any third party items that compromise privacy.

Note that I already eliminated the Facebook and Twitter links earlier tonight. I am personally through with these companies and don't want to subject anyone else to them.

My cost this year was about $8,000 with only marginal Google ad sales and Paypal donations.

I'm thinking that some or most content would be available for reading, but only membership will allow posting. With 32,000 unique visitors a month, it shouldn't be difficult to collect enough to pay expenses. I could also do a "pledge drive" type of format to make sure actual cost is covered.

If I could really boost the income, I could dedicate more resources to moving to increase efficiency. I have a design I'd like to move to that would dramatically reduce cost and increase performance, but it would take a significant amount of time to do myself.

Let me know what you think.



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