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No Spark 700 1989

How are you getting a spark from the coil? Are you getting multiple sparks from the coil when you turn the engine over? (probably a stupid question!)

I had the same issue with our '90 744 Turbo.

I got a spark when I turned the ignition on, but no others.

I do not remember getting any codes from the test plugs - I think that my car was the first model that had a box that you could pull codes from. Your car may not have this box.

I checked all codes and plugs that I could find instructions for in a Haynes or a Chilton manual. I spent a lot of time on this as it was one of 4 cars that we had at the time.

Eventually my dealer told me that the main computer was faulty.

I tried a few local junk yards, including a great one that had over 600 Volvos, most of them 740s.

They had about 150 computers for NA 740, but NONE for turbos - This was because of the failure rate for each.

If it is your main computer, good luck - the computer cost over $900! Replacing it did fix the problem without any other work needed.

The only thing that I would add is that I did charge the battery a couple of times and I may have left the battery connected once during charging. This may have caused a high voltage, but because the car was never turned on during charging, I doubt it.

One thing that you might look at is the wire from the coil to the distributor - on one of my 740s, the wire had burnt away inside the clip that holds it to the firewall, and it shorted out.

Also, are you sure that the spark you see is strong enough to fire a spark plug - It could be your coil - try to connect the coil to a spark plug to see how it fires.

In an old motorcycle book, it advised one to check your ignition for a nice fat spark when it is running good, so you can actually see if the spark is good when your bike won't start on the road!


New No Spark [700][1989]
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