RWD - 93 240 classic 5spd wagon... found on 'bring a trailer'.. oh my!

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93 240 classic 5spd wagon... found on 'bring a trailer'.. oh my! 200 1993

Good morning all,
My 'bargain'.. not so.. '93 240 5spd wagon.. is indeed in good shape re: body.. not so much re: bushings, connecting rods and several electrical components.. to say nothing about the reported mileage...

So I need a bit of help with several items:
1.It has electric mirrors; and heated seats.. cruise; a/c etc; Small problem: the electric mirrors and the heated seats do not work; I understand there is a relay of some sort that controls both? is that right? If accurate, where is it? easy to obtain and replace? Fuses are in tact.

2. The windshield wipers are barely moving.. mechanical connecting arms not bent.. probably motor. Experience w IPD, or FCP euro replacement wiper motors? Access to a volvo replacement part for wiper motor?

More to come; but I need records in front of me.. to give accurate picture.
Cheers, and thank you


New 93 240 classic 5spd wagon... found on 'bring a trailer'.. oh my! [200][1993]
posted by  victorsee  on Mon Mar 18 08:43 CST 2019 >

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