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Ignition amplifier (power stage)? 200 1987

Hi Trevor,

I see you are approaching almost 5,000 posts in your profile. That's amazing!

Just a note for you or anyone else out there.

The 1987, (USA models) does not use a power amplifier relay to the ignition coil.
Volvo didn't start using them until the LH 2.4 of 1989 that uses a CPS device to pick up timing off the flywheel. The whole ignition system got moved to the cabin.

Of course, if you want to get hung up on changes, from the not so older cars in the previous years, try keeping up with the 1993 240's.
This year car just keeps on surprising me.
Yesterday, I noticed that the wiring harness no longer has the red wire, back by the firewall, near engine oil checking stick!
It is used to roll the starter over and by pass the ignition switch.
I have been telling people about it and low and be hold, now its gone!

Another thing is, the headlight dipper relay is on the other side of the car too! Now, that been on the drivers side since the beginning of the 240's.
Maybe the ABS designer didn't want to be crowded or something?

Anyways, looks like Steve found a cracked fuse, of all things. Sure had me stumped too!



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