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A strange combination of symptoms 200 1988

Assuming the below (at bottom) is your current state (and I assume you have all 1988 components on a 1993 engine) I'd

1. Inspect and pull the sender. Chance the intake tube is broken/ perforated inside.

2. Test the main fuel pump.

3. I'd pull the main pump and replace the fuel filter

4. Check the connector on the distributor. That can break internally.

5. Pull all fuses, keep in order, wire brush/ clean the fuse-box connectors and the ends of the fuses, reinstall

6. Pull the spark plugs. If they were clean and are now soiled with gas ....

7. Check for spark and see if it'll fire with some gas squirted into the intake

8. Check timing belt.

I just went through a 1988 240 (with a 1990 engine but that's irrelevant) that had been sitting 4-5 years. It would run OK, then run rough, stall, restart ... but not start again the next day. Plugs were wet with gas each time.

Had, failing MAF; bad dist cap and wires, bad gas (owner had drained and filled but must have dissolved some old varnish), broken sending unit, clogged fuel filter, noisy main fuel pump, bad IAC, bad O2 sensor.

"Update: the vehicle as of today will not start. No idling and dying, stalling, whatever; it will not start period. Replaced FPR, did not do anything as expected. Car is at near full tank."
240 drivers / parts cars - JH, Ohio


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