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re: 87 245 auto - runs and starts fine for 10 minutes then dies 200 1987

I've had this a few times and it's usually been a clogging the fuel filter.*

It runs at idle and dies after a few minutes; wait and it restarts; repeat.

I've had to drive a couple of cars home this way - slow speeds, coasting, ...

A bad IAC can cause a start, stall, start, stall, ..... but it usually isn't 10 minutes between them.

A bad MAF is usually start, stall, start, stall with just a few seconds running between.

*I had a 240 a few years ago that did start, stall, start, stall, ... driving but would run at idle forever. It got worse; I limped home with it and changed the fuel filter. It was fine for a couple of months; then started having the problems again ...

I blew some fine sand-like material out of the fuel filter so pulled the sender for an inspection. The tank had a 1/4"+ layer of sand on the bottom. I pulled the tank, added some pea gravel and soapy water, rocked it back and forth, let it sit, repeat .....

I'd had to do that with some old trucks I'd gotten going after they were in storage ~30 years.
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