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re: 87 245 auto - runs and starts fine for 10 minutes then dies 200 1987

Hi All,

I have another issue. As always, I could use your help and guidance. Thank you.

The car starts and runs fine for 10 minutes and dies. No start after that, I have to wait then it starts fine. It sounds like a bad fuel pump relay. Right? I put a backup relay and still the same symptom. I don't remember if my backup relay is good or not. I am going to place an order. Are there any other things that I need to look into?

Q1. Can a bad or failing MAF/AMM cause the problem?
Q2. There is a slight air leak at the intake hose/expansion bellow, can that cause the engine to die?
Q3. Can dying main fuel pump cause it?

A quick overview
328,518 miles
battery fully charged and ground point is clean
the throttle body and the idle control valve is clean
the flametrap is clean
the "Bosch" main pump, 64,000 miles and four years old
the "IPD" in-tank pump, 160,000 miles and seven years old
the fuel filter has over 30,000 miles three years old
driver side fuses are good and rolled
the blade fuse is good


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