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Dear Spook-

Thank you for your sage advice. I have not laid eyes on the car personally as I am recovering from a recent illness. But my son reports the following:

- Our local shop says "the subframe was pushed in." (They have gone home now so I cannot learn more until tomorrow.)

-The body of the car was untouched.

-Front bumper was untouched.

-The impact was 5-10 mph according to my son. He may be underestimating, but says it was much less than 20 mph.

-The "pothole" actually stretched across the entire road, was filled with water, and was located on a road next to a flooding river. This sounds more like a collapsed culvert than a true pothole.

-The depth of the hole is unknown, but it was very deep. The car bottomed out in the hole with an immense bang.

-The car is still driveable and my son says it still drives straight. But my son describes the steering as being very stiff and says the tire is rubbing or scraping on something.

-Power steering still works.

-The gear shift (automatic) is now difficult to place into park.

My local shop is honest, but regards my car as an exotic foreign vehicle.(We are located in Nebraska, where my Volvo is actually quite exotic!)

I am going to request an estimate from a body shop and see what the actual damage is.

I would love to save this car if possible.

Thanks again.


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posted by  94-940 Wagon  on Thu Mar 14 14:38 CST 2019 >

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