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Dear 94-940,

Hope you're well and sorry to hear of this misfortune. I am hard-pressed to believe that impact damage caused by a pothole - at in-town driving speeds (30-40 miles/hour) - could drive the engine cross-member back to the firewall (about two feet).

I am prepared to believe that the impact blew-out a tire, destroyed the strut mounting, bent the strut tower, and ruined the hub and wheel. The impact may also have bent the tie rod and ruined the ball joint. But the cross member should not have been involved.

Here's why I so conclude. During a highway project, a paving company left a three-inch-tall layer of new paving facing on-coming traffic. The leading edge of the new paving was not "feathered", i.e., tapered to provide a ramp up to the top of the new paving.

In the dark, I could not see this paving "cliff" and so hit this three-inch-tall "cliff" at 65 miles/hour. Happily, there was no tire blow-out. But a tire went flat in my garage. When the tire was removed from the wheel, it was obvious that impact energy had ruptured the tire's sidewall.

This violent impact did not move the cross-member by even a hair. I did have engine mounts replaced, as well as ALL front-end steering and suspension parts, except the steering rack.

To drive the cross member back to the firewall likely means the speed at impact was 60+ miles/hour and that the pothole was so deep, that the bottom of the engine caught the upper lip of the pothole. Did that actually happen?

If so, then the following parts will need replacement: (a) fender; (b) front bumper and attached parts; (c) wheel and hub; (e) strut tube and mount; (f) tie rod and ball joint; (g) splash shield and ABS sensor, etc.

I think you should get a second opinion from a body shop. If they have a frame machine, they should be able to pull the frame back into spec, if that's needful.

In short, I don't doubt your mechanic's honesty. I simply think he errs.

Hope this helps.

Yours faithfully,



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