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A strange combination of symptoms 200 1988


Very interesting thread going on here and with lots of information as Art said!

It sure sounds like you have the 1993 engine transplanted in front of the original 1988 body.
You have wires coming from the distributor and going into a harness. So that means they took the old one from the other engine so it all fit and runs.

Since you do not know the amount of regular maintenance on this engine, I would consider not only the ignition tune up but a compression check just to see what you have on the cylinders for wear.

Another thing, Peel back the top timing cover and look into for freshness of the timing belt too.
If it doesn't look dry and brown or oily, try to loosen the tensioner nut, under the rubber plug in that cover and let it tension things up for good measure.
Also, make a big note somewhere on the car, because your memory doesn't travel when sold, that this is a 1993 engine. The timing belt is different than the 1988 engine! It has rounded sprocket teeth in there!

Since the car "sat for a while--??" He might have given you a warning?
I would be real suspicious that the gas tank was near empty too!
In that scenario, the gas ages more quickly due to the amount of air in the tank above the gasoline.
Gas evaporated and oxides itself or at least all of the good stuff in it goes away.
When the happens it starts to get thicker or even congeal.
Consequently, This is not a good thing for the filter as it restricts output flow and leads to improper atomization pressure to the injectors.
You drove the car for three hours and pushed a half a tank of fuel through the filter, so maybe, it's just now had enough jelly?
This causes both symptoms of rich and lean misfires from the injectors and fouling of the plugs at any given time. If the pressure is low on the rail that is a big thing.

I'm not sure this is going to be a "new one part fix!"
Some TLC is needed to bring up the "vital systems up to specifications needed for the engine to run smoothly.
Good luck on the FPR "only" idea.



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