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A strange combination of symptoms 200 1988

I’ve seen you answering a ton of people’s questions and I for am glad someone still goes out of their way to help a dwindling group of enthusiasts—especially in the US.

I’m pretty sure the fuel system was changed. Has injectors that do not remotely resemble the kjet set up on my old ‘82 b22. As far as ignition system goes I’m not quite sure. What should I look for to identify the two?

I’ve done a certain degree of parts diagnosing but that’s mostly due to both a lack of knowledge and lack of tools/work area as I recently moved. I do have a volt meter and I will do what I can according to advice given but I would need specific instructions as I generally avoid electrical problems like the plague—though evidently they are catching up to me. I will have my friend bring his fuel pressure gauge over this weekend.

Another addendum, when I clamped the hose on the back the idle actually worsened slightly, but ever so slightly.

Thanks for the replies!


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