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vacuum or vapor (PCV & EVAP) line? 900 1994

Use vacuum line for non-vapor applications: under dash HVAC vent control, or (you do not have on your 900) distributor vacuum advance, climate unit, and more, I guess. If fitted, I guess that would include the EGR system, though the lines are nylon and the elbows black vulcanized (partly synthetic?) rubber in some factory installs, right up to the EGR valve and the solenoid to control vacuum.

Use PCV vapor line such as that used in the PCV system from the top of the breather box to the throttle and the intake port (manifold), and the EVAP system lines from the fuel tank fill neck to the EVAP cannister and the two lines from it to connected to the throttle body.

I used Gates brand vapor line to replace the EVAP and PCV line sections. The Gates brand holds up okay yet it is splitting a bit at the end.

The factory install vapor line for PCV and EVAP, at least the large diameter, has a blue strip or two along the length. I forget the PN now, yet the iPd PCV relocation kits include the part number and this same factory vapor line with blue stripe.

The valve in the cap that sets atop the EVAP cannister can get stuck a bit. Some brake parts cleaner helped me to free the valve on my 1990.

Hope that hep-kats.
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New vacuum line repair [900][1994]
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