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Hi Nick,

I, for one, really appreciate the background you give, both on your skills, and the car. This information is so often kept secret from us until pried out in long sequence. TL;DR be damned.

Only one question at this point, so we all know what we're working on: How much of the engine swap included engine management? Fuel and ignition systems are vastly different 1988 to 1993.

And one comment. Having an FPR on order kinda tells me you're doing this as part-swap diagnostic. Do you have a means of measuring fuel pressure? A voltmeter to check A/F ratio at the oxygen sensor?

Edit: Re-reading, I see one red flag. "Clamp 3/8 hose on back of FPR to see if the fuel is maybe draining back into tank due to FPR failure. Idle does not improve. "

At idle, over 90% of the fuel pumped should indeed be flowing back to the tank. If you pinched the return hose shut, you should have felt the resistance to squeezing it, and the net result should have been to greatly enrich the fuel. Perhaps the regulator is stuck shut, which would cause the same extremely rich mixture, or the fuel pump is not reaching the regulation pressure, meaning nothing is being returned to the tank.

Welcome Nick.
Art Benstein near Baltimore

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