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Turbo cartridge supplier 900

1994 940 282K

It would appear that I am in the market for a turbo cartridge for a 940. While I am not excited about the task of replacing the cartridge on this car the original has certainly given good service. I bought the car eleven years ago with 175K and it has been a good one.

I am working down a list of maintenance items the last couple of days. I replaced the waterpump and the oil cooler hoses today. After startup I noticed some blue smoke from the exhaust, but it seemed to clear up as it reached operating temperature.

The car was still on jack stands and the hood was up. I saw smoke coming from area of the clamp that secures the turbo to the manifold. I shut the car off and then noticed a small puddle of oil. It was dripping off of the bottom of that clamp. I can't imagine where it would be coming from other than the seals in the turbo. It seems to be very odd timing. The car hasn't not been losing beyond what has been its normal quart every 1000-1500 miles.

I will be doing some more exploring as well as removing the hose to see what kind of play is evident on the shaft.

Assuming I need a new cartridge (and deciding I want to replace it) where have any of you been buying turbo replacements?



New Turbo cartridge supplier [900]
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