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Seat upholstery fitment question 200 1993

The seat and seat back covers from 1986-1988 will fit your 1993.

For your inspection and repair may be the seat web and the seat back web that support the foam and the seat cover atop it.

I'll guess your 1992 seat covers are tan and either cloth or vinyl and have had it. The seat back and seat foam also deteriorate from use, sweat, filth, and merely being outdoors.

Sun UV can also affect the factory installed seat covers.

Treat auto upholstery repair with the whole seat to inspect and repair. Search for the many articles here on your brickboard RWD forum.

Could you please post the link to the eBay auction. I searched and found a cloth cover for a beige / tan cloth seat cover. No seat back. Here:


Though you may receive responses here, please also check:

The brickboard ClassAds on the brickboard site. Click ClassAds above.

The iPd USA site free classifieds. (Requires login to post)

Find the nearest Volvo Club of America Chapter near you in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Turbobricks website also requires you create an account for free to access their classifieds.

On facebook, you have several large and active RWD Volvo sites you can ask:

Volvo 240 Club (22k members)


Volvo 240, 740 and 940 owners club (18k members)


Volvo 240 Wagon Lover's club! (4k members)


You may want to search craigslist and also search use Bing and Google.

Another bet is CB oft-mentioned Voluparts near Atlanta, GA.

Frank Ponte in New Jersey has a parts collection. He posts to the brickboard ClassAds (dunno if Frank has an advert up now) and also posts to facebook. Contact Frank through facebook. When logged into facebook, accesshis facebook account URL and send a PM:


Frank is in New Jersey.

Questions? Hope that helps.

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