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97,960,sedan,rear multilink 900 1997

If Im doing something wrong Hammer in ? I've a '97 960 214K mi.I think orig eng & trany w/orig trany fluid? (Black,Smelled Burnt) Dont have any Pubs for this car.Have busy trans,from 30-65mph,torque conv unlocks then relocks,shfts out of Hi gear down one gear then back.If I accel to 70mph problem goes away. Read Faqs and alot of other posts. I drained 2qts at atime from drain plug and refilled 2qts, run throu gears w/car on jack stands till 6qts done, oil is not so black w/a red tint, smells like newer fluid.I missed the part about OEM flush ( Disconnect return line from heat exchanger) Was wondering about using this w/ a hi er milage trany,even just at idle ? Does anyone know ? Then I had to remove the airbox cause I pulled out canester purge line,bad rubber hose, replaced a bunch of other rubber vacuum hoses after they covered my hands w/ black stuff. Does vacuum manifold on rear of intake have a o-ring/gasket under it? What are the electrical do hickies on front/rear of the intake ? Down low. And how to check codes w/out the Led/button thingy ? There is a connecter hooked to something to the rear of the left strut tower next to the hood hinges ? Or do i need a code reader ? and instead of stopping, I said oh I can clean the grease/oil off the drivers side of the traany and top of the engine with the Purple stuff and rinse really well w/ water! OH S(*T, BATMAN, I REALLY F&^%ED Up! Now under load engine mises/cross talk,engine check lite came on,no power.Guess its time to clean and grease connectors.I checked the coil packs,they seem to be dry,ran out of daylite. The oil that puddles in the bottom of intake came throu the flame trap? When I changed eng oil, I poured some diesel down flame trap hose to flush stuff out of oil seperator. I have a thrum thrum dry bearing cap on u-joint type noise I feel w/ my butt ,not shifter or steering wheel speed is 40-65mph deminishes w/speed upwards of 70-90mph 2 differant types of tyres and wheels after driving copped a feel on u-joints ,didnt feel any abby normal heat.Maybe didnt drive enough. No grease spray under car from CV joints or u-joints,diff is full of oil except for exspansion room.Shifter linkage does need some bushes.I think Im supposed to have Novamats but 2 owners ago someone put just regular shocks on. I e-mailed IPD why my rear saggs and if they had a replacement transverse spring, if not, would spring pads work or coilovers for the multilink. The guy didnt believe me about what was on the car, I had to prove it with pictures sent to IPD ! By this time,I figured the guy and IPD didnt know their ass from a hole in the ground ! Then he e-mailed me back and said oh, we have shocks for your car,only 175.00 each.
And I did like the refresher on soldering. When I worked on A-4's,we had more broken crimp ons than broken soldered wire jts and everything had to handle a 10G load. Jerome


New 97,960,sedan,rear multilink [900][1997]
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