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Leaking power steering from high pressure line (940, 1994) 900 1994

With spring in the air, I am now contemplating some repairs I need to do to a 1994 Volvo 940.

The car is leaking power steering fluid at a good rate from the high pressure line. The leak looks like it is coming from where the line connects to the rack at the bottom of the car and is due to general rust and deterioration. I have checked with the FAQ and a Volvo parts guy and determined that i have a Koyo rack.

I am told by Volvo they no longer make the Koyo compatible high pressure steering fluid line and FCP also does not carry this part. I have purchased a steering line that is supposed to fit with a Koyo rack.

My question is, how difficult is it to replace this line? Lots of discussion in the FAQ about replacing/ rebuilding the rack but not much about replacing a line.

Has anyone does this? How difficult is it? Advice welcomed.


New Leaking power steering from high pressure line (940, 1994) [900][1994]
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