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83' 240 starter/flywheel standstill 200 1983


I really didn’t take it any other way because I saw the happy face with all those laughing jaws!
I was serious about having to look up that new term “ shadow banned!”
Actually, it really fits me!
I have heard of the “Dark Web” and since I really don’t play on any other social media sites, I would be fitting in between.
So, shadows works for this guy! (:)

I read Art’s post on crankshaft movement and agree that it can move some on plain bearing journals with the application of end loading.
I poked around in the shadows (:) and read that this can happen from a clutch system or even the ballooning of a torque converter housing?
A pressure plate and throw out bearing sounds reasonable, but a working torque converter is a “stretch,” in my book and meant as a pun! (:)

From what I read a thrust bearing fills into a space designed for it.
The crankshaft is setup for about and average of .006 to .010 oil clearance.
The thrust bearings flanges, on the package, would have to practically disintegrate for the flywheel to move out of the range of width of a starters engagement gear, IMO.
It’s length is almost twice the width of the flywheels teeth due to lead chamfers. Gear tooth Strength is made up within its face engagement length.
Now, I have seen on “Fords” that the number of teeth or the tooth’s (“DP”) or Diametrical Pitch size change on a starters gear within model years because they can!
Now, this could be the fault of rebuilders trying to keep up with factory foolishness or who knows, what?
Fortunately, Volvo got the rules of their game correct to get this many many years of production. That is, until Bosch downsized the motor weight within the last few years of 240’s!

A sign given out that this was the beginning of newer models and was Volvo’s future of uncertainty!
A real mismatch of trials and errors!

The post about this thread being BOGUS just might be True, too!

So, where is he BB headed, as it might have to get replugged or run on batteries as well!



New 83' 240 starter/flywheel standstill [200][1983]
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