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K-Jet throttle body cleaning/removing steps 200 1980

Yes, you have it. The air fuel unit stays where it is. What you hope, when you loosen the clamps on the big rubber ball/bellows/hose is it hasn't hardened in the Arizona climate. Should be able to squeeze it a little and pull it out from between the airflow meter and throttle body.

I had a look at ours. I think I would start by disconnecting the threaded rod linkage between the throttle body and throttle spool. Each end is a ball and socket joint like your shoulder. If you've done the LH version you remember there's a snap at the end you loosen before prying the socket off of the ball.

Then to get it out of the way, I'd unfasten the bracket holding the throttle spool. This is simple on mine, as there's no cruise, so I don't know if that would be your approach.

Then ours has EGR, so I'd have the intake side of that pipe to remove from the throttle body, along with the evap vac hoses on the back side, then the idle bypass on the front side has the AC vacuum switch, more hoses to get out of the way. This is where you could get into trouble maybe, as some of those idle air bypass hoses may be hard to find and easy to split, but to reach that inner nut on the throttle body and eventually pull it all loose, you've got to do that.

I have this short 13 combination wrench -- about 4" long. Its from one of Craftsman's higher end polished chrome offerings I guess, but it's box end is extra thin to fit the space around those TB nuts. Without it I think I'd be spending all my time on that inside nut.
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