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Pentosin Has Me Weeping 900

Re-read everything. I guess where I come down is here - it seems highly unlikely to me you’d end up with 3 defective water pumps in a row. That makes me wonder if it’s really the weep hole that’s the cuprit. I think I’d try to clean/dry the housing around the shaft really well. Dry up any resid fluid in the hole. And try temporarily sealing the weep hole - perhaps a small piece of rubber (cut from old hose) held in place with a clamp or tie wrap or even duct tape. (Admittedly I don’t know how the casting is configured!) See if you can seal it - and see if leak continues. If you’ve eliminated the weep hole as the source, then follow the trail and look for leak elsewhere. If sealing it stops the leak don’t know what to tell you except try another pump.
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