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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen.

Seems my stalwart 945T has a distinct aversion to the water pumps commercially available to me. The last three (3) water pumps I've installed started leaking through the "weep hole" in rather short order. The leaks are NOT coming from mounting gasket, cylinder head compression o-ring, the coolant pipe o-ring, or the water pump shaft seal. The leakage is ALWAYS from the weep hole only.

I respectfully ask that my fellow BrickBoarders take judicial notice these offending water pumps were installed with aplomb, and the usual suspect of an over-tightened drive belt has been ruled out. I employed proper removal, cleaning, installation and torquing techniques. The aforementioned tasks were completed while I was sober and in good mind. I must, however, admit continued leaks will have me dusting off a bottle of 12 year old single malt, but I digress.

This specific weep hole seepage has occurred on a new Volvo pump (#271975), an Import Direct pump (#CP9068) from O'Reilly, and a GMB unit (#1901040) from eEuroparts.com.

I've only ever used Pentosin Pentofrost NF (properly mixed with distilled water) or Zerex G48.

The vehicle is driven at an "Enthusiast Level", which is to say not babied, and with full advantage of the TD-04 Turbo.

I have purchased three different brands of water pumps, quality coolant and professional installation, yet leakage from the weep hole within 30 days or 2,000 miles. Have I perhaps overlooked a better brand of pump, or do I need some coolant recommendations?

Your suggestions are most welcome, especially if submitted with rye humor.


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