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Volvo 240: What would you have changed about its design? 200

Yes, it is amazing how the sustained higher rpm bothers folks used to the quiet overdrive, translating it to engine wear or something like that. I take my '79 for thousand-mile rides much of which is spent above 4K rpm on the interstates, and yes it is much easier to have a conversation at highway speeds in the 4-speed AW71 cars than in this AW55 without overdrive or pesky solenoids to fail. It was Borg Warner then Aisin (Toyota) designing these, and I doubt Volvo's design team would have been better off selecting the ZF alternative slushbox. I'm glad it fails the way it does instead of the other way, or I'd never know it did until I needed it. Like the guy who unwittingly buys a car with the solenoid bypassed.

What would I second guess the engineers about after 45 years? Not the blower motor - that's trivial imo. I'd mention the practically inaccessible regions under the cowl that are part of the "flow-through ventilation." Rust is my 240's enemy, and a four hour blower motor replacement job every 20 years is way down the list.

We're all hindsight engineers.
Art Benstein near Baltimore

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New Volvo 240: What would you have changed about its design? [200]
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