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Old Duke ....good to hear from the old sages like you who helped oldduke 200

Hiya Uncle Old Duke!!!!

Sure Happy it's Wednesday all day long!

A belated Happy Holidays to you! Best hopes for some adult beverage making of an eggnog nature during the holidays. Or we can have some of the ripples, please?

Lots of schmegeggies on Thunder Road. Those rotten no-good-nicks!

I'd guess that folks with class like you, and Art, and everyone would ignore them (I'll exclude meself from that list as I'm very classless), see their tail lights shrinking in the distance yet not wish them ill, maybe give them a middle-finger salute out of respect (HA!), and hope a gendarme gets'em for excessive acceleration or speeding and reckless driving.

All factory stock and well tuned 240 is more than fast enough for me. Though the 1970s K-Jetronic 240 models could be trying at times like going uphill.

I had a job, and that ended 31DEC2018. So, after a month break of no job, good earl grey tea and some rather typically bland St. Louis area craft beer, have some interviews for writer jobs. Trying for remote jobs.

No ripple, or wine, or a gal-pal, yet.

The gerrymandered exhaust on my 1990 240 DL (li'l red Wagon is sort of whacko. So, I'm trying different hangers, the heavy duty strap kind made from old tires, so the exhaust pipe does not contact the drive shaft center support bracket. Yet these auto parts store like AutoZone and O'Reilly's are sort of useless sometimes. Though the AutoZone rear brake rotors (made in China Brembo rotors, I guess) and AutoZone brake pads, not metallic, also Brembo, do okay.

The fleas have returned with a vengeance in this rotten gulag dump 17 miles SW of the St. Louis arches thing. So, at 4x the max concentration, spray, spray, spray the carpet. Insect Growth Hormone stuff in the bed clothes. Finally killing them. The slumlord cares not. Two years ago I got an awful skin infection no insurance yet went to the clinic for antimicrobial antibiotics.

Else, that's about it. Persuading RWD Volvo facebook users to come here and get good guidance. The RWD Volvo forums for 200-700-900 are echo chamber that are not so useful to the owner with the problem. All I can do since 2011 to bring them here to the brickboard.

Gotta a new toolbox, yet have to put the tools away. Some other good made in USA toolboxes for the Volvo tools and such in a nylon bag that is rather worn.

So, I'm living the dream. You can buy frozen St. Louis style pizza in the local grocery stores. In the last two months I may have gotten 15-20 and add onions, garlic, olives, and anchovies. The Dog Town Pizza is I guess my fave? Though you can get Stefanina's Pizza (my fave store, cheaper and way better than Imo's) as a take and bake now. Sort of getting fat-ter. Ha! I'll lose it when I get working again and walk more.

That's about my boring it.

Hhhhhhwut about you? You been on Thunder Road with the schmegeggies.

Been between Tobacco Road and Stinking Creek? Fresh red snapper and flounder every day as you like?

Please let us know. Grateful you are okay and in the pink and right as rain.

Sure Happy it's Wednesday (all day long)!!!!!

Buttermilk and Sourdough MacDuffy's Belated Eggnog Tavern

Give your brickboard.com a big thumbs up! Way up! - Roger Ebert.


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